DeVo Protocol Partners with DeTrash to Decrease the 300m Tons of Marine Pollution

DeVo Protocol DAO is pleased to announce a new partnership with DeTrash.
Their token, RECY, is the first crypto to tackle the pollution of oceans and rivers at its source. A solution that integrates scalability, transparency and financial efficiency to protect our rivers and oceans. By purchasing RECY Tokens, you are directing currency inflow to prevent over 8 millions tons of waste getting to our rivers and oceans.

DeTrash issued a statement on the partnership stating, “DeVo brings amazing innovations to the philanthropy ecosystem. Having the voluntary work value become tangible and the philanthropy chain transparent is essential to the world and in synergy with the incentivizing and transparency we are bringing to recycling and composting. DeVo elevates the value of helping and that’s very admirable!”

DeVo also issued a statement on the partnership saying that, “DeTrash is a disruptive and revolutionary recycling system that has the support of its local government as it continues to reach more communities. DeTrash is contributing to the ultimate goal of making a positive impact in revitalizing the planet. The DeVo-DeTrash partnership is one with like-minded goals of bringing resolve to the long-standing inefficiencies.”

DeVo & DeTrash will work with one another to effectuate numerous synergies, including utilizing both platforms ecosystems to launch joint sustainable initiatives in addition to gain access to important community members ranging from strategic partners to investors and world-renowned leaders in the philanthropic and blockchain realm.

DeVo has created an intercontinental humanitarian ecosystem for organizations, corporate entities, donors and volunteers that tokenizes goodwill which leads to the facilitation of trustless intercommunication and collaboration between these parties. By using blockchain technology, donors can see exactly where their donations are spent and local businesses will be able to build their own initiatives and sponsor community-led projects. The robust infrastructure not only sources verified assistance for volunteers and donors, it’s a new way to donate through a staked DAO. With DeVo’s perpetually funded liquidity pools, community-led projects can apply for grants as national enterprises.

Join both of our communities and learn more at the links below.



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